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Helping clients develop the mental skills to achieve optimal performance.

From corporations to performing artists, to amateur and elite sport, Dr. Kim Dawson can help maximize your potential.


Mind2Achieve will help you identify and apply the mental strategies you need to get the most out of any situation, challenge or opportunity. By engaging in more productive thinking and applying specific behavioural enhancement techniques, you’ll become more effective at managing your life.


When you are mindfully engaged, your confidence grows as goals are achieved.


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Sometimes, our minds get in our way, limiting us in our pursuits. We can increase our chances of consistently fulfilling our true potential by training ourselves to think, feel and behave more productively.


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Mind2Achieve Kim Dawson



Kim is a professor of sport/exercise psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON, Canada. Her extensive education and research in psychomotor behaviour and exercise science gives her a deep understanding of the issues that affect performance. Working with elite athletes, Olympians and professional sport organizations for over 10 years, Kim developed the principles of Mind2Achieve to support people in their quest for personal success.





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