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Overcoming your biggest opponent to performance – your minds – is an important step in any quest for success. Kim works closely with individuals, teams, coaches and managers to meet desired goals. Through a tailored process, Kim will help you to identify your skills and develop them while also targeting opportunities for growth.

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Mind2Achieve Kim Dawson

Mind2Achieve brings clients from practice to performance through



Kim works with clients one-on-one to establish personalized programs designed to achieve personal success.



Often, teams or groups need assistance to work together more cooperatively and productively. Kim provides intervention strategies to increase the cohesiveness and communication skills of individuals working together in a group environment.



As a coach and a manager, you are called upon to lead your team. To be most effective, you must also understand your team’s individual personalities and abilities – and more importantly, how to modify them to achieve success. Together, you and Kim work to develop a team-oriented leadership style that will give you the results you are after – and the results your clients are capable of.



Too often individuals are forced to leave meaningful pursuits before they are emotionally prepared to do so. Injury, deselection and retirement are all realities athletes can face. Similarly, individuals may be presented with a higher level of responsibility. Through individualized planning and consultation, Kim helps clients successfully transition to the next phase of their lives.



An enthusiastic and engaging presenter, Kim’s educational and research background allows her to present seminars in a variety of areas. From personal control strategies to competition management, and from managing anxiety to building leadership skills, Kim informs and motivates her audience.


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