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Gaining Confidence & Getting Noticed

Today I’m sharing a story from one of my clients, hockey player Paige Rynne.

I have been playing hockey for 13 years now, and I only recently realized that being mentally fit for competition is just as important as being physically fit. In the past year I had been training very hard towards becoming a faster, stronger and more physically fit player with a goal of playing Division I hockey in the States. In particular, I was gearing up for an important tournament where I knew there would be many opportunities to be seen. This in itself had me quite nervous.

Although I was physically prepared, Kim helped me to better understand how to mentally prepare for these important games. She provided me with a few simple, but very effective, things to think about before and during my competition.

Kim encouraged me to focus on some very specific aspects of my play where I was strong, to mentally visualize how things might unfold, and she taught me to build on every positive contribution I made. From Kim I learned not to worry about the little things that might go wrong, but to expect them and manage them.

Kim’s guidance had a big impact on how I played in that tournament, and most importantly, she helped me to become a much more confident player, which did not go unnoticed. Following the tournament, I had the very good fortune to be offered a position on the University of New Hampshire’s women’s hockey team in 2017.

I really feel that with Kim’s help, I have gained a new mental strength which not only comes in handy with my competitors, but in other aspects of my life as well, like school. I’ve actually learned a lot about myself in the last year and am very thankful to have had, and to continue to have, Kim’s insight along the way.

Paige Rynne will be playing for the University of New Hampshire Wildcats beginning in 2017

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